I first came across Jasper Wong’s art sometime around Nov. 2008 and was instantly a fan. I don’t know whether it was the bright colors, or the baby Mr. T’s which appear to be a signature  motif in his art, but whatever it was, it made him truly stand out from many other artist. Sadly after some time, I had forgotten his name (as I had a number of artist I enjoy), but fortunately while in The Bay (San Francisco Bay Area) last July I found his work displayed on posters, bus advertisements, and other forms of media throughout the entire city!

The Poster Project was the result of a SF city-wide collaboration between Jasper Wong x YCBA with the help of Volume.

Bio from JasperWong.net:

During the 1980’s the Chinese government attempted to create their very own slanty-eyed Communist-loving Hulk Hogan. However, the experiment failed, and Jasper Wong was thus born. As a small child, Jasper spent much of his time attempting to grow chest hair through mental telepathy and Kung Fu chopping small babies with his dainty Asian fists. As years passed, he learned to accept his genetic hairless deformities, and instead focused his time drawing portraits of the A-Team.

Today, Jasper Wong has a frosty illustration style that developed around an odd and unhealthy obsession with the color pink, Mr. T, and magical laser beams. Yet somehow it all combines into his own unique clash of Asian-influenced pop culture on paper. Jasper has had shows in Japan, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, New York, France, London, Chicago, Mexico, Hawaii and Hong Kong and has been selected by Archive magazine as one of the 200 Best Illustrators worldwide two years in a row. He has also been recognized in prestigious art publications such as Communication Arts, Society of Illustrators, American illustration, and Taschen’s Illustration Now.

Check out more of Wong’s work at his official website.