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YTWWN – Hot Topic/Pierce The Veil copies artist Vera Brosgol

YTWWN – Nick Simmons likes to Trace

It’s really disgusting to me when someone decides to plagiarise another person’s work as their own simply because they think it’s ok as long as no one notices. I stumbled upon YTWWN sometime around 2007 and couldn’t have been any happier. I won’t go into details, but this site is the very reason I do not support Shepard Fairey’s Obey as a clothing brand. I’m not gonna lie, I definitely wasn’t hating when the now infamous 2008 Obama Hope poster came out. BUT as many people know, he still caught static around that involving the original photo taken of Barack in 2006 by freelance photographer Mannie Garcia, leaving me with little hope in the artistic abilities of Fairey himself.