Trouble Gang bang bang Trouble Andrew‘s got a new mixtape out now! The Trouble Gang 29-track mixtape features Spank Rock, Santigold, Amanda Blank, Telli Gramz (Ninjasonik), Hollywood Holt, Million$Mano, Lil Jon, Yellowman and plenty more. I can easily see this one on repeat for the next couple of months. The perfect mixtape to start off the summer.

Trouble Andrew – The Trouble Gang Mixtape


I’M WASTED ft. Spankrock, The Mr Move, Lil Jon (produced by Trouble & The Super)
LIL BLACK BOOK ft. Stunnaman (produced by Doc McKinney)
RUN HIDE ft. Amanda Blank (produced by Diplo)
FLY SO HIGH ft. Curren$y, Stunnaman (produced by Circut & Ag)
CONDITION (produced by John Hill)
DREAM ON ft. Jofo (produced by Jonathan Benedict)
NOBODY MOVE ft. Yellowman, Skotch Davis, Telli/Ninjasonik (produced by Yeti Beats)
CADILLAC ft. Jofo, Stunnaman (produced by John Hill)
PUSH (beat by Timberland)
TAKE IT 2 THE TOP (produced by Circut & Ag / Trouble & The Super)
FALLIN APART (produced by Olly Burden)
REPLACE EM (Produced by Jonathan Benedict / Trouble & The Super)
YOUNG BOY Remix ft. GLC (produced by Shitake Monkey)
DRINKIN&SMOKIN (produced by Trouble & The Super)
OUT OF BLUNTS ft. Jofo (produced by Jonathan Benedict)
I THINK I KNOW YOU (produced by Trouble & The Super)
BANG BANG Remix ft. Hollywood Holt, Santigold (produced by Shitake Monkey)
TAKE OFF ft Skotch Davis (Wiz Khalifa beat)
THE LAST GOODBYE (produced by Trouble & The Super)

Bonus: CHA$E MONEY Kid Force Remix
Bonus: RUN HIDE Breakups Remix
Bonus: FLY SOOO HIGH Remix ft. Hollywood Holt, Jackie Chain, Telli/Ninjasonik (produced by Circut & Ag)
Bonus: NO APOLOGIES Remix ft. Lets Go To War (produced by Lets Go To War)
Bonus: LAY IT DOWN Remix ft. GLC, Peter Bjorn & John, Stunnaman (produced by Mick Boogie)
Bonus: TAKE IT 2 THE TOP Hathbanger Remix (produced by Hathbanger)
Bonus: BALLIN ft. Stunnaman, Jofo (produced by Nic O)