When I initially heard the name Nickelus F, I was quite unfamiliar with the Richmond emcee. After giving his latest Commonwealth-released Season Premier mixtape a listen, I think he’s definitely another DMV artist worth listening to.

Don’t expect anything that hasn’t been rapped about before. Season Premier has its share of material & “I’m the shit” raps, but production quality (from beats sampling  Slick Rick on Like This to WWE’s “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair’s signature “WOOO!” on Aggressive Content) and the emcee’s overall lyricism makes him stand out in this recent slew of “cool-guy” backpack rappers.

Nickelus F – Season Premier


01. Fueled Up (Produced by Stefan Skeeter & Mario Brandan)
02. Season Premiere (Produced by Rich Kidd)
03. World Renown (Produced by Burd & Keyz)
04. Cold City (Produced by Stefan Skeeter)
05. Like This (Produced by Kid Icarus)
06. $$$ (Angles) (Produced by The Goodie Boys)
07. Simma Down (Produced by The Very Incredible Producers & Stefan Skeeter)
08. All Lat (Produced by The Engineerz)
09. Take You With Me (Produced by Sinopsis & Mario Brandan)
10. On My Sh*t (Produced by Absolute)
11. Aggessive Content (Produced by Plan Beats)
12. Stand Tall – Prod by Dub Sonata
13. Clap For Him (Produced by Stefan Skeeter)
14. What Am I Supposed To Do (Produced by Stefan Skeeter, Mario Brandan & Nickelus F)
15. Carpe Diem (Produced by Elite)
16. Credits (Reese Witherspoon) (Produced by Brad Ohblivion)