Check out this awesome remixtape DC’s Shock Diamond put together. It’s a 13-track mixtape of awesome Shock Diamond electronic/dance remixes of songs by other DC artist including True Womanhood, Hume, Cornel West Theory, Ra Ra Rasputin, Laughing Man and plenty more. Download it for free or pick your price (let’s be generous).

Shock Diamond

DC Re​:​MIXtape


1.True Womanhood – The Monk (ShockeD)
2.Noon:30 – French Song (ShockeD)
3.Hume – Wise Light Born (ShockeD)
4.Bldgs – Now (ShockeD)
5.Edie Sedgwick – Sissy Spacek (ShockeD)
6.Antelope – Mirroring (ShockeD)
7.Cornel West Theory – Patriot Me (ShockeD)
8.Animals as Leaders – The Price of Everything (ShockeD)
9.Screen Vinyl Image (Shocking mash-up)
10.S prcss – Our bikes are silver, her bed is hers (ShockD)
11.Ra Ra Rasputin – Accumulator (ShockD)
12.Bluebrain – Soft Power (ShockD)
13.Laughing Man – Mood and Dress (ShockD)