After seeing recent concept images of Jon Schiller‘s upcoming “original” art series SINS! on TOYSREVIL, I couldn’t shake the feeling that one of his characters looked oddly familiar. Jon Schiller’s character named (I’m guessing Nightmare; each character has a different name under their image), looks quite similar to the titular character of Japanese animation company Tatsunoko‘s Casshern SINS, a 2009 reboot of the 70’s cartoon series Neo Human Casshern (Casshan in the US).

After giving his Flickr another look, I noticed another familiar character.

The pics below were pointed out to me by others.

This guy and Nick Simmons should start a club. I think living in a cardboard box would be the only time I give into plagiarizing another artist’s work as my own. His Flickr initially had 96 photos, now it’s down to 90 and now 81 photos.

Jon Schiller Desgin
Office: 937.320.9542 Moblie: 267.496.626


Edit: 2010.07.28 (12:08AM EST)

There are just waaaay too many for me to point out. The kids at 4chan caught wind of it so check out others there.

Edit: 2010.07.28 (10:37PM EST)

I updated the 4chan link. The original 404’d /a/. Check out Bleeding Cool which received a response from Jon Schiller Design. I’m calling B.S. on his claim that the JSD artist in question was fired. I’m basing this on the fact that a friend received an email prior to the Bleed Cool one, which would give reason to believe otherwise. I’ll leave it to the recipient of the first email whether or not he/she will share the email received from Jon.

2010.11.20 Update: I know this is well over, so this will hopefully be the last update/time Jon Schiller’s even heard of (I actually forgot I even posted about him..). I received this email from someone who contacted a well-known toy blog about Jon Schiller back when this was all relevant. Here’s the full email is bellow, copied and pasted exactly how I received it (ok, minus the sender’s name & the name of the toy blog (that info isn’t that important in this case and I doubt they would have wanted someone to share their email to begin with)). Anyway, maybe you’ll get a quick laugh just as I did.

lol funny story about jon schiller, by the way… he contacted me a while back and asked me if i would post up about his plushes. i do normally give some page time to people going it on their own and making toy products- i know how difficult that is and even just the littlest coverage of a product can mean all the difference.

plus i like to cover the toys no one else is covering…

anyway, he was very insistent and i asked him to send me some images and some info so i could compose a post… what he send back was a mish mosh of some of the most garbled nonsensical english i’ve ever seen, and mostly pictures and info about his half-naked thai girl he’s using as a clothing model.

i’m like, dude, ok, this is about your little 9 plushies, not some flesh parade, can we please focus here?

after a lot of back and forth i just gathered as many images as i could find of the actual plushes by themselves (not many) and wrote my own short post based on the scarce info i was able to get out of him.

and now this happens.

i tell you, this has been quite an abnormal experience.
apologies for the lack of capitals, i had shoulder surgery tuesday so i’m typing w one hand.

thanks for reading my blog, i really appreciate that! i try to make it a worthwhile destination among many many larger and more professional blogs…

and thank you for pointing out when someone’s being a douche. i do need to know this type of thing


ps i got the sense from this guy that he is a one-man show over there, so i’m 90% sure his story about his designer being fired is bunk, i think he just said that as damage control. based on his offerings and professionalism, i cannot imagine his company is larger than mine, and I’m a one-man show myself with absolutely $0 available to pay another employee. If jon schiller ever had a 2nd employee, i will eat my hat.