Next time you decide to evaluate someone’s cruelness on a scale of 1:10, instead, refer to Prof. Michael Stone’s Scale of Evil on a scale of 1:22. Charles Manson? Ha! – that guy’s only a 15..

6. Hot Heads

Issei Sagawa
Born in Japan, Issei Sagawa was pampered by his mother, but became highly irritable and prone to tantrums. In high school, he developed cannibalistic fantasies, and in 1981 he was accused of carrying one out in Paris. His victim: a Dutch student named Renee Hartevelt. He lured her to his apartment, shot her to death, sexually assaulted the body and then began eating her muscle tissue. He was declared legally insane in France and sent back to Japan, where he was released from a mental institution in 1986. He’s now a minor celebrity and has written books and magazine articles about his experience.

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