It is with great pain and sadness that I tell you my son Mikey (Eyedea) has passed away. At this time we kindly request your respect and our privacy as we process this devastating loss.On behalf of Mikey’s family, close friends and fans. Thank you Kathy Averill (Mikey’…s mom)


I remember wandering around Baltimore the morning after this ridiculous warehouse party Dan Deacon was playing at the night before. The entire time, I’m just wandering around the city taking pictures and Star Destroyer, one of the illest songs on my iPod/MP3 player/whateverIhadbackthen, starts playing and I just leave it on repeat for the rest of the morning (haha).

Eyedea & Abilities – Star Destroyer

Another one of my favorite Eyedea & Abilites tracks, Man vs Ape, was featured in an old Vans surf tape I have and the MASH SF film. Haha after hearing it on MASH, I even started riding to it.

Eydea & Abilities – Man vs Ape

Eydea & Abilities – Act Right