Here’s the winning entry to the Core77’s recent Play-Doh Kicks 1 Hour Design Contest. All contestants were to create a play-doh replica of any existing piece of footwear within 1 hour.

Adidas is my favorite foot/sportswear brand and after seeing this play-doh model, I want this exact adidas SL 72 in a size 10! Check out a few of the other entries that really caught my eye.

I’m sure this was so difficult to make! If it wasn’t so bulky maybe it would’ve stolen the spot light from the SL 72. I really wanted to enter and submit a replica of the Fire Red Air Jordan III or IVs, but I didn’t have any blk play-doh! For creative purposes, I think everyone should have tubes of play-doh laying around somewhere in their house.

This green Nike Elite (1977) was a runner up.

A classic colorway on one of the most comfortable sneakers I’ve ever step foot in. Nike Air Max 90 – Infared.

Another icon; Reebok Pump Omni Lite – Dee Brown.

When is Nike going to make this!? We want our Mcfly 2015s (power laces included)!

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