I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been guilty of being in the bottom row of this pic at a few concerts and house shows. I enjoy the music just as much as anyone else (maybe even harder), but once in a while I also like getting a picture out of it. At least one! The crucial difference between myself and others is I get one or two shots then put the camera way(!)– never to be seen again ’til I get home, or the next morning.

That is what cameras are for. To be able to capture and look back at a split moment in time that can be replicated or reenacted, but will never truly occur again. Would you believe someone if they told you they saw H.R. fly, but didn’t have any solid evidence to prove it?

H.R. Flying

Taking pics at shows is alright, but when you take it overboard and you’re more concerned about that than the actual music itself, it becomes a major buzz kill.