I think this is the 2nd or 3rd time I’ve posted a trailer for the GANTZ movie. Well, above is the final trailer… I think. Originally, I didn’t expect to see this film ’til the later half of 2011, when I’d possibly import it, but it turns out the movie is going to have screenings in the US (a few other countries too) a week before Japan. Here’s a PDF list of over 300+ theaters in 46 states (better luck next time Alaska, Mississippi, South Dakota, and Wyoming!) where you can catch the film. Surprisingly, there’s gonna be a screening at the theater I go to a few minutes away from my place in Raleigh. I looked up screenings in MD and they’re all out in the boondocks, not even a theater in DC! Though, if you do live in the DMV area, you can see the film in Alexandria and Arlington.