Hey! I’m blogging for the DC Chiefs and Carolina Shiners sections of Frank now! I was asked earlier this year, around the time I started Camp Donuts, if I’d like to blog for them, but at the time I had never really blogged before so I turned it down. Turns out it’s not as difficult as I initially thought (haha). Since I noticed those sections weren’t updated as often as they could be, I asked if I could still blog for them and they were cool with it. I’ve been reading Frank ever since I picked up their EZ Lovers chapter back in ’06 and it’s been my favorite book since, so it’s really cool to now be contributing to the site.

Anywaysssss…. Nothing at all’s different here. I’m not gonna post less or anything like that; just thought it’d be cool to share.

P.S.: If you’re a fan of the Wu-Tang Clan and you’re in the States, you can win tickets to see them while they’re still touring through next month by entering Frank’s contest.