On Decemeber 15th, funk MCs Fabiano Batista Ramos (MC Ticao), Wallace Motta (MC Smith), Frank Batista Ramos (MC Frank), and Max da Paixao Pecanha (MC Max) were arrested in central Rio de Janeiro and charged of using their music to promote drug trafficking.

Photo: Marcos de Paula/Agência Estado (via AP Images)

RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) – Police in Rio de Janeiro have arrested four Brazilian rappers on charges that include glorifying drug traffic in their music.

Three of the men _ Wallace Ferreira da Mota, Fabiano Batista Ramos and his brother Frank Batista Ramos _ are from the Alemao complex of slums recently taken over by police.

The fourth, Max Muller da Paixao Pessoa, lives in Vila Cruzeiro, another of Rio’s most dangerous slums now under control of law enforcement.

Helen Sardenberg, head of the police’s computer crimes unit, said Wednesday that the four were indicted on charges of inciting crime, glorifying drug traffic and associating with drug gangs.

Investigators say the four have refused to comment until they are before a judge.

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The documentary bellow titled Grosso Calibre (High Calibre) follows Wallace Motta aka MC Smith as he explains the inspiration behind his music and the lives of the people of Complexo do Alemão (German’s Compound), a group of favelas in northern Rio de Janeiro.

Directed by Guilherme Arruda, Ludmila Curi, & Thiago Vieira

Grosso Calibre takes place in Complexo do Alemão, a huge group of favelas in the northern part of Rio de Janeiro. The documentary looks at MC Smith, a famous artist performing forbidden funk music (funk proibido) to cheering crowds several nights a week. Through MC Smith’s music and lyrics this film shows the reality of life for people in the favelas surviving drug fueled gang and police violence.