Edison Chen‘s highly anticipated album Confusion is out now! It’s a really great album. I really enjoyed his last album in 2007 讓我再次介紹我自己 (Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself) which featured production work by Clinton Sparks, Just Blaze and other well-known hip-hop producers, but I think Confusion is definitely a big leap forward in production quality and EDC’s overall sound. He’s really stepped his game up on this one. The only people I know that helped produce the album is Squeak E. Clean (N.A.S.A.), Dr. Luke & Ammo, and Jay Chou. I’ll add the names of other producers next to the tracks as I find out who did what [Finished. Pretty impressive list]. I have a feeling he took after his buddy Kanye when he decided to release a slew of songs right before the album was released. Definitely not mad at him.

Edison Chen – I Can Fly (prod. Jay Chou)

Despite the album being in mandarin, I don’t understand a single thing (I’ve forgotten most of my mandarin since the last album – lol), but that’s never stopped me before.

Edison Chen 陳冠希 – Confusion


01. Mr. Sandman 造夢先生 (prod. Squeak E. Clean of N.A.S.A.)
02. Dreams 夢 (prod. Christian Rich)
03. 李琛琛留言
04. Where Are You 冠希, 你在哪裡? (prod. Christian Rich)
05. Super Mario
06. Man In the Mirror 鏡中人 (prod. Busy P & DSL)
07. Running 跑 , 逃 (prod. Dr. Luke & Ammo)
08. Homecoming 回家 (prod. DJ Hiro)
09. 繼續做
10. Apple電腦開機聲音
11. Reboot 關機 , 開機 (prod. DJ Hiro)
12. 跟女朋友講電話
13. Sky Blue Pink 破曉時刻 (prod. Clarence Au)
14. I CAN FLY 我可以 (prod. by Jay Chou)
15. 停兩秒接腳步聲
16. Salute 敬禮 (prod. by John Ho)

Full album available @ CLOTinc.com