Tatsuhiko “Ryu” Akashi, the president of Medicom Toy, now has a blog on the Medicom site. Looks like he’s gonna keep people updated on random things he’s up to and who stops by the Medicom office.

Mr. Seth Rogen

Main actor of GREEN HORNET, the big hit movie now playing,
Mr. Seth Rogen came to visit our office.
As we share the same taste in toys,
I enjoyed having nice chat with him very much.

I missed the GREEN HORNET premiere show but I will
definitely go to see it at theater.
I can’t wait see it.

No worries Ryu! I still haven’t seen the film yet either.

Mr. Katsura Mori

Highly confidential meeting with Mr. Mori, big boss of REAL x HEAD.
Our project meeting after this photo-shooting just went so hyped-up.
Please stay tuned for a few more months to see the outcome.

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