Sweatheart band-mates Amanda Blank & Rose la Ro now have an advice podcast show called Hot Probs! They’re funny as hell and they both give really great advice. New episodes will posted every Friday so keep watch, follow, & bookmark their tumblr or check out their facebook page. Send them your hot probs at yougothotprobs@gmail.com, tumblr, or call ’em up @ 1-800-466-7670

HOT PROBS! Number 1

In our first installment we meet Tim, who wants to do it with celebrities, Jasmine who has a rash, and a guy who fucked a bartender. We finally got the 1-800 number up and running and the strange and unusual have started pouring in! please keep calling us, the questions and problems keep getting better and better and we want to discuss them with YOU! Till next time…It’s been very.

HOT PROBS! Podcast Number 1 (download)