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CDRadio episode 5. Recorded 2011.02.23. Over this past weekend I was listening to a lot of sounds & beat tapes from producers/artists out of Russia, so originally this was gonna be an episode featuring nothing but sounds from artist from Russia, but overtime I kinda scratched that idea. Though, I still left a number of the tracks in so listen out.

Camp Donuts Radio: 05 (download)

бэппе – Тысячи Лет (feat. Lo-Fi Mastah)
Gangrene – Chain Swing
malefique – The Love Beat Win Us (feat. Луч)
Desmond Cheese – More Crack Please
DangerDOOM – Korn Dogz
Joe Kickass – More Or Less
Depakote – Lilykoranic
Juj – Sunday Bouncer
OL – IC 342
Miracle Libido – Synesthesia
Beat Konducta – Chrome Dreams
Teebs – Blessed Assurance
Sonnymoon – Blast Off
Ghostface Killah – Child’s Play
Rugz D. Bewler – March of the Beautiful Soldier