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Wealthy foreign, pregnant women are spending big bucks to travel to the U.S. and have their babies.

Mobroder‘s pals Spank & Blank having some fun with Chef Kurt, The Hydra, & the kids singing their song for the show LET’S EAT!. This show looks awesome!

Мишка Spring 2011 Lookbook by Marley Kate

Roofeeo (TheDeathSet/Ninjasonik) was recently featured in 3sixteen’s Singularities documentary series.

While yesterday was the birthday of the late J Dilla, it was also the birthday of another world renowned beat conductor that left this world well before his time; Nujabes. Like Dilla, he too was born 1975.02.07. They both would have been 37-years-old.

Happy [Belated] Birthday Nujabes.

Nujabes – Imaginary Folklore

Sweatheart band-mates Amanda Blank & Rose la Ro now have an advice podcast show called Hot Probs! They’re funny as hell and they both give really great advice. New episodes will posted every Friday so keep watch, follow, & bookmark their tumblr or check out their facebook page. Send them your hot probs at, tumblr, or call ’em up @ 1-800-466-7670

HOT PROBS! Number 1

In our first installment we meet Tim, who wants to do it with celebrities, Jasmine who has a rash, and a guy who fucked a bartender. We finally got the 1-800 number up and running and the strange and unusual have started pouring in! please keep calling us, the questions and problems keep getting better and better and we want to discuss them with YOU! Till next time…It’s been very.

HOT PROBS! Podcast Number 1 (download)

I swear Yo Gabba Gabba! is the coolest TV show any kid in the US under 10yrs-old could take interest in.

Meanwhile, in the UK…

Learn more about Rastamouse @ The Telegraph

Watch full episodes of Rastamouse on the BBC iPlayer.

2011.02.13 Update: Thanks serenasnoad for the teaser link!

Video by Bryce Ward

Here’s footage of last month’s BBC Xmas Party @ Sonar. Both nights were pretty crazy. I had a really great time just hanging out with friends and making new ones as well. The BBC Xmas Party is officially part of my Xmas tradition.

“This is the first in a series about empathy and homelessness. The idea is to draw dreamcatchers and put them up where homeless people sleep and go back at night to photograph them sleeping under it. My goal is in atlanta for the symbol of the dreamcatcher to become synonymous with empathy and gratitude. To see one outside even when no one is sleeping under it is to hopefully become thankful for what you have.

I got to talk to phil in the middle of putting this piece up. Hes been here for a long time and let me know that when the sun goes down thats where i can find him. We discussed the issue of homelessness and why atlanta is spending money on things other than a solution to housing them. I gave him a bottle of rum, canned food , some baked goods, and cigs. He insisted on shaking my hand even though it was covered in wheatpaste.

The next day when i was walking i saw him and he introduced me to his friend, gave me the biggest hug, and told me he loved me. Thats what its about. I could care less on how many views this gets my goal is already accomplished on a personal level. My hopes are to get a show built around a series of these and donate half of what i make to the specific person in the photo.”… Ola Bad

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