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Steve smith put together some awesome visuals to one of my favorite cuts off Dilla‘s Donuts.

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Wealthy foreign, pregnant women are spending big bucks to travel to the U.S. and have their babies.

BOUT – definition –
1. A short period of intense activity
2. An attack of illness or strong emotion
3. A wrestling or boxing match


A documentary about the history of the arcades, its culture, its heroes and its impact in Japan.

100 Yen Film

It’s happening all around the world: people are taking pictures of their friends awkwardly lying face-down in all sorts of unlikely places. On top of statues, in the middle of roads, in front of famous landmarks – absolutely anywhere you can conceivably fit a horizontal human body, you’ll find someone playing the bizarre game. The weirder the place and the more people looking on, the better. You may ask why, but the people behind The Lying Down Game would rather ask “Why not?”

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If you have facebook, join in on the game and submit your own pics to The Lying Down Game official group. Or check out their daily-updated endless photo gallery of people lying down in the most unusual places. The weirdest ones I’ve seen so far were of a person lying face flat in a rice paddy, someone lying in front of the Taj Mahal, a guy lying inside of the front hood of a bimmer in an auto garage, and a little girl lying under a chicken truck in Guatemala (lol).

This is probably the only mobile that would make me actually want to play games on it. I rarely play video games, so I don’t think I’m Sony’s target audience on this one. The only people I can even imagine buying this are hardcore gamers.

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