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Mobroder‘s pals Spank & Blank having some fun with Chef Kurt, The Hydra, & the kids singing their song for the show LET’S EAT!. This show looks awesome!

Disco legend Mobroder recently put out a mixtape featuring some of his new tunes as well as other disco works from that golden era. Download the mixtape @

Mobroder – The Mixtape (preview)

Mobroder also found time to leave his home on Fire Island to return to Miami and shoot a video for his comeback hit “Rush”.

Mobroder – Rush (download)

Stones Throw:
Mayer Hawthorne filmed this on his iPhone when the two were on tour in Japan, and edited it on his laptop on the flight back home.

“Stay Fresh” off J Rocc‘s debut album Some Cold Rock Stuf. Make sure to grab a hard copy of the album to get one of the three random untitled mystery disk that come with it.

Dr. Plot

instrument of mass destruction.
(complicated technical solution to aide in simple acts of vandalism)