This month, J. Rocc released his first ever album, the gloriously sun-weathered Some Cold Rock Stuf for Stones Throw. To celebrate, we’re hosting a FACT mix of dusty house, hip-hop and disco from your boy; we’ve asked for a tracklisting, but don’t expect one to appear any time soon.

Grab the mix now, because it’s only going to be available for the next 2 weeks.

FACT mix 238: J Rocc (download)

Mobroder‘s pals Spank & Blank having some fun with Chef Kurt, The Hydra, & the kids singing their song for the show LET’S EAT!. This show looks awesome!

Disco legend Mobroder recently put out a mixtape featuring some of his new tunes as well as other disco works from that golden era. Download the mixtape @ Mobroder.com.

Mobroder – The Mixtape (preview)

Mobroder also found time to leave his home on Fire Island to return to Miami and shoot a video for his comeback hit “Rush”.

Mobroder – Rush (download)


Ashley Wood
World War Robot

Jammer‘s been pretty active lately, but this one caught me off gaurd. This one’s a tune you can really have fun and just wild out to.

Kutmah mix for dublab circa 1999.

Kutmah – 1999.12.12 (download)