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Originally previewed by MINDstyle back in October, EDC posted this pic of an upcoming Tron’d out Bambi figurine by CLOT.

EDC on CLOT Inc.

I mentioned a Daft Punk (Tron: Legacy ver) 400% bearbrick set last month when the new series 21 was unveiled, but now it’s been officially announced. The set will be released sometime next month.


Directed by Warren Fu

A few months back when Medicom announced the companies featured in this upcoming series, I didn’t think they’d be very interesting, but they’ve actually turned out really cool. I know the Tron: Legacy bearbricks are also going to be packaged in a separate set, as well as available in 400% & 1000% but we’ll just have to wait until that’s announced officially.

With each promo released, I’m getting even more excited about the new Tron movie. Less than 2 months away! Also, WTF!? A Daft Punk cameo!? Their helmets and outfits for the movie look awesome!

Jason Freeny

Photos of how it was created are available for viewing on Jason Freeny’s facebook. Freeny is known for his sculptures and art depicting the anatomical structures of iconic pop culture cartoon and video game characters. He recently created an anatomy sculpture of Super Mario, which was just auctioned off today on eBay for $1,525.00USD.