If you ever find yourself wondering where certain samples came from or you’re curious as to who’s the original artist sampled in the latest [insert artist name] record mp3 playing on the radio, visit WhoSampled.com. Just as the name implies, Who Sampled is an online database filled with thousands of entries giving you info on the original songs sampled in some of our favorite songs. Even just searching an artist/producers name will tell you the number of samples they’ve used in their work.

I’ve always wanted to know what was the original song Madlib sampled in his Quasimoto song Closer, so I put WhoSampled.com to the test.

Song: Quasimoto – Closer (feat. MF DOOM)

Original: Doris – You Never Come Closer

I also was interested in finding out the original song sampled by BINK! in Kanye’s recent Devil in a New Dress.

Song: Kanye West – Devil in a New Dress

Original: Smokey Robinson & The Miracles – Will You Still Love Me (2:06 & 3:52)

You might not find the original to every single song you’re looking for since all entries are user-submitted, but it’s still a great tool. Also, if you join WhoSampled.com, you’ll be able to submit information on samples that previously weren’t listed.

Smokey Robinson & The Miracles – Will You Still Love Me