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CDRadio episode 5. Recorded 2011.02.23. Over this past weekend I was listening to a lot of sounds & beat tapes from producers/artists out of Russia, so originally this was gonna be an episode featuring nothing but sounds from artist from Russia, but overtime I kinda scratched that idea. Though, I still left a number of the tracks in so listen out.

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Vodpod videos no longer available.
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Episode two of the new podcast series CDRadio, recorded 2010.12.15. Another blend of hip-hop and electronica sounds. A little more upbeat compared to the first episode (pssssh… hardly lol). Enjoy!

download + tracklist

Warp Records are feeling in the holiday spirit and are giving out free downloads of Gonjasanta Gonjasufi‘s Holidaze from his A Sufi and a Killer album which came out earlier this year. If you haven’t heard the album, you’re really missing out on something amazing. A Sufi and a Killer is a spiritual journey through sound. Definitely in my top 10 albums of 2010 (Bleep’s too!). Grab it now on iTunes, Amazon, or Bleep.

This is a 50-minute mixtape by Dimlite, one of electronic music’s most underrated talents. Another fan, Prefuse 73, introduced us to Dimlite a while back. His album ‘Prismic Tops‘ came out this year on Now-Again, and a new 10-inch is coming up early next year.
(Track list for Lit Paper Hats Forever TBA)

– Stones Throw

Stones Throw Podcast 63: Dimlite – Lit Paper Hats Forever
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I’m only half way into this mix right now, but damn was I pleasantly surprised to see Paul White‘s name on it. There’s a Guilty Simpson & J Dilla/Talib remix which are both really dope. I’ll post a tracklist as soon as Stones Throw has one available.

Stones Throw Podcast 62: Adventures with Paul White
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Blaqstarr break it down!

I’ve really been digging just about everything Blaqstarr has been involved with lately. He even managed to sample his classic bmore club anthem Hands Up, Thumbs Down and flip it into a dubstep banger! This is someone you do not want to sleep on.

Speakers On Loud


Danimals (expect a possible name change in the near future) started out as a solo project by Sydney artist Jonti Danilewitz, but has now grown into a full five-piece electronic pop band.

Danimals – Christmas Worm’s Quest for Fresh Apples

Danimals – Fox (prod. Mark Ronson & Santigold) (via TED The Lab)

Bruce Haack – Incantation (Danimals Remix) (via Stones Throw)

Their debut LP Twirligig, consisting of Danilewitz’s unreleased previous solo material, was expected to be released on Speak N Spell sometime this year, however the band no longer appears to be on the label’s roster. It has not been officially announced yet, but the Australian band has seemingly been signed to Peanut Butter Wolf’s Stones Throw Records. Danimals is definitely a band to look out for.

2010.12.16: Danimals have changed their name to Djanimals.

Anika cover of Yoko Ono’s Yang Yang.

(prod. Beak> (Geoff Barrow/Portishead))