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First episode of the new podcast series CDRadio, recorded 2010.12.08. Episode 01 turned out really chill; alot of mellow electronica & laidback hip-hop. Also a little shorter than I expected. I have no clue what each episode will sound like, but they’ll each be compilations of new music I’m currently digging and older stuff that isn’t heard very often or stuff not many people may know about. Enjoy!


Jay Electronica feat. Jay-Z & The Dream – Shiny Suit Theory

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This is not a dream, macaroni n cheese in front of me!

This video had me rolling! Pharoah’s Jay-Z & Biggie impressions were spot on! Haven’t heard too many Drake songs but it did sound like his typical flow haha!

DJ Stretch Armstrong played this while hosting Mark Ronson‘s Authentic Sh*t last Friday night. It’s a freestyle by Big L & Jay-Z from back in Feb of ’95 when they made a appearance on Stretch & Bobbito Garcia’s KCRW show Squeeze Radio, which just aired its final show earlier this month.

Big L & Jay-Z – Live from ’95 on WKCR

DJ Premier Blog

For the past week or so I’ve had an idea for a mashup. While finally getting started on it, I got lazy and decided to put it on hold and work on it again some other time. In the meantime, I’ll share this Jay-Z vs Madlib mashup I finished instead.

since the past week or two,