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directed by Chris Robinson
produced by Kanye West


CRS… I think it’s some tour or album by Ciara, Rihanna & Shakira… [or] crack, rock, sells??


It’s been waaaaay too long since these three released a song together. I’m surprised there’s still a CRS folder in my music library.

CRS – Don’t Stop!

For the video, director So Me (Justice, Kid Cudi, MGMT) uses the song to soundtrack a hyperactive, ecstatic New York City travelogue. Shot over a week of long nights out with A-Trak and Armand (including live footage from the Fool’s Gold “Day Off” labor day block party), the clip is a pop-art adventure starring commandeered taxis and hotdog stands, sexy strangers, and a who’s-who of famous friends: rappers, producers, indie rockers, graffiti writers and nightlife icons all take turns adding their own special sauce to the song, turning “Barbra Streisand” into one of this year’s must-rewind clips.

New material from Afrikan Boy! Also check out his freestyle over Kanye’s Power.

Afrikan Boy – Weak Bladder

If you ever find yourself wondering where certain samples came from or you’re curious as to who’s the original artist sampled in the latest [insert artist name] record mp3 playing on the radio, visit Just as the name implies, Who Sampled is an online database filled with thousands of entries giving you info on the original songs sampled in some of our favorite songs. Even just searching an artist/producers name will tell you the number of samples they’ve used in their work.

I’ve always wanted to know what was the original song Madlib sampled in his Quasimoto song Closer, so I put to the test.

Song: Quasimoto – Closer (feat. MF DOOM)

Original: Doris – You Never Come Closer

I also was interested in finding out the original song sampled by BINK! in Kanye’s recent Devil in a New Dress.

Song: Kanye West – Devil in a New Dress

Original: Smokey Robinson & The Miracles – Will You Still Love Me (2:06 & 3:52)

You might not find the original to every single song you’re looking for since all entries are user-submitted, but it’s still a great tool. Also, if you join, you’ll be able to submit information on samples that previously weren’t listed.

Smokey Robinson & The Miracles – Will You Still Love Me

Put your hands to the constellations…

Kanye West – Devil In A New Dress


A while back (actually I think my 1st or 2nd post when I started the blog) I posted, Jaydiohead genius, Max Tannone’s Mos Dub; a mashup Mos Def acapellas over dub reggae. This time around it’s the same formula as the last project, but just as the name implies, it’s Talib over dub reggae instead of Mos. I don’t listen to Talib Kweli on the regular, so I can’t remember the names to all of the original songs, but you’ll find features from Bun B, Common, Ghostface Killah, Mos Def, Kanye West and a few others.

Air x Mike Jones – La Femme D’Monsieur Jones

Birdman x Washed Out – Feel It On The South Side

Big L x Bibio – Dwrcan ‘Em Up

Drake x Beach House – Walk In The Park Is Over

I’m really late on this one. I’ve had it sitting in my iTunes for the past week or two without any plays. Мишка brings us a new mixtape from Chicago-based mashup duo The Hood Internet.  I first heard their Aesop Rock  x Tobacco mashup Dark Pink Goo a few years back and was convinced it was an official remix. The Hood Internet brings more top shelf mashups on Trillwave.

The Hood Internet – Trillwave

1. Phoenix x Why? – Shoeing Horses In 1901
2. Young Money x Javelin – DepRock
3. The-Dream x Kevin Drew – Bodhi Shawty Weekend
4. Air x Mike Jones – La Femme D’Monsieur Jones
5. Kanye West feat Lil Wayne x DJ Signify – 1993 Barry Bonds
6. Pharaohe Monch x The Black Lips – Drop I Mayor
7. Birdman x Washed Out – Feel It On The South Side
8. Doom x The Flaming Lips – Air You A Hypnotist?
9. Lloyd Banks feat Juelz Santana x Neon Indian – Beamer, Drips
10. Jay Electronica x Toro Y Moi – Freak Exhibit
11. Jamie Foxx x Röyksopp – Alcohol Forever
12. Mando Diao – Dance With Somebody (Hood Internet Remix feat GZA & Cadence Weapon)
13. Hieroglyphics x Genesis – That’s Who
14. Gucci Mane feat Plies x Lindstrøm & Christabelle – Wasted Love
15. Big L x Bibio – Dwrcan ‘Em Up
16. Puff Daddy feat The LOX x Volcano Choir – All About The Islands
17. Iyaz x The Big Pink – Velvet Replay
18. Ice Cube x CFCF – It Was A Rainy Day
19. Anti-Pop Consortium x Maps – I Dream Of Capricorn
20. Aesop Rock feat Rob Sonic x Tobacco – Dark Pink Goo
21. Dominique Young Unique x Yacht – I’m In Love With A Hot Girl
22. De La Soul x Jamie Lidell – What’s The Stakes
23. Jay-Z x Phoenix – And The Definitive Winner Is…
24. Trey Songz x The Radio Dept. – Trey-dio Departmentz
25. Drake x Beach House – Walk In The Park Is Over

Drake x Beach House – Walk In The Park Is Over