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CDRadio episode 5. Recorded 2011.02.23. Over this past weekend I was listening to a lot of sounds & beat tapes from producers/artists out of Russia, so originally this was gonna be an episode featuring nothing but sounds from artist from Russia, but overtime I kinda scratched that idea. Though, I still left a number of the tracks in so listen out.

download + tracklist

YouTube user MFLALLA posted around 11 video clips of METAL FINGERS‘ dj set at yesterday’s Roc Raida Tribute Event in Paris. And if you know the villain, there’s no denying that’s DOOM! The videos show METAL FINGERS playing Madvillain, MF DOOM, King Geedorah, and a few special herbs. He even drops a remix of Ghostface‘s Charlie Brown.

Watch all of the videos in order here.

J Rocc co-hosted Benji B‘s Radio 1 show last week and previewed a good number of tunes from his upcoming Some Cold Rock Stuf album. He also played some unheard remixes and unreleased material from Madvillain and Madlib-produced Black Star! Turns out the Madvillain album may not be out for another 2 years…

J Rocc recently joined Benji B on his show on BBC Radio 1 for an exclusive preview of his upcoming album Some Cold Rock Stuf. He says it will be out in March. We shall see.

Download the first half of the show, Some Cold Stuf (preview), below or catch the full show on the BBC iPlayer.

J Rocc – Cold Rock Stuf (BBC Radio 1 Preview)


The latest Stones Throw newsletter went out today and it’s got ill news on a DOOMposter being booked for this year’s Super Bowl Halftime Show. Check it out!

Info on DOOM impostor @ Super Bowl Halftime Show…

Vodpod videos no longer available.
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First CDRadio episode of 2011! Recorded 2011.01.05. Just like the previous two episodes, plenty of electronica, hip-hop, experimental, and jazzy tunes.

download + tracklist

Stones Throw head hancho PB Wolf put together a 50min mix of current and upcoming 2011 releases from ST veterans and new signees. Since I didn’t read the tracklist before listening (I never do– it sometimes spoils the surprise of it all) I was definitely caught off guard when I first listened to the mix. There’s a huge surprise right off the bat.

Stones Throw Podcast 64: Stones Throw 2011 (Subscribe rss/iTunes)


Directed by Piston Honda

fun fact: Piston Honda is an alias of director Adam Bhala Lough (Bomb the System, WEAPONS, The Carter (Lil Wayne doc)). The video for Benzoin Gum can be seen playing on television during an early scene in Lough’s film WEAPONS. Honda also directed the videos to DOOM’s Dead Bent & Question Mark (along with Benzoin Gum) while attending New York University as a film student in 2000.

If you ever find yourself wondering where certain samples came from or you’re curious as to who’s the original artist sampled in the latest [insert artist name] record mp3 playing on the radio, visit Just as the name implies, Who Sampled is an online database filled with thousands of entries giving you info on the original songs sampled in some of our favorite songs. Even just searching an artist/producers name will tell you the number of samples they’ve used in their work.

I’ve always wanted to know what was the original song Madlib sampled in his Quasimoto song Closer, so I put to the test.

Song: Quasimoto – Closer (feat. MF DOOM)

Original: Doris – You Never Come Closer

I also was interested in finding out the original song sampled by BINK! in Kanye’s recent Devil in a New Dress.

Song: Kanye West – Devil in a New Dress

Original: Smokey Robinson & The Miracles – Will You Still Love Me (2:06 & 3:52)

You might not find the original to every single song you’re looking for since all entries are user-submitted, but it’s still a great tool. Also, if you join, you’ll be able to submit information on samples that previously weren’t listed.

Smokey Robinson & The Miracles – Will You Still Love Me

New Madvillain track courtesy of Kia & Adult Swim’s 8 Singles 8 Weeks.

Madvillain – Papermill