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CDRadio episode 4.5! Recorded 2011.02.10. A few people subscribed on iTunes got episode 4 sometime last month, then I took it down a few hours later. It was a really good selection, but even though I’m only a few episodes in, I’d like to think the podcast is starting to take on a certain “sound” and that episode didn’t exactly match. Anywaaaaay!… this is episode 4.5. I should probably edit the whole “biweekly” podcast thing on iTunes since I axed that idea.

Btw: I had a lot of fun with this clip.


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While yesterday was the birthday of the late J Dilla, it was also the birthday of another world renowned beat conductor that left this world well before his time; Nujabes. Like Dilla, he too was born 1975.02.07. They both would have been 37-years-old.

Happy [Belated] Birthday Nujabes.

Nujabes – Imaginary Folklore

Vodpod videos no longer available.
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Episode two of the new podcast series CDRadio, recorded 2010.12.15. Another blend of hip-hop and electronica sounds. A little more upbeat compared to the first episode (pssssh… hardly lol). Enjoy!

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Becoming a fan of the late great Japanese hip-hop producer Nujabes (1974-2010) back in middle school, it was only a matter of time (OK, the same day) until I found out about the secret being kept in my backyard known as Substantial. Along the lines of DC’s Panacea, Substantial is another amazing wordsmith from the DMV who manages to keep it very low-key and still maintain a solid fanbase here and overseas.

Nujabes feat. Substantial – Home Sweet Home

Despite his very frequent appearances at open-mic nights and headlining shows throughout the district, I’ve missed him countless times in both DC and MD! So I was extremely excited last March to find out he had released a mixtape the month prior.

Substantial & Dub MD Present – WINK: Something Substantial


01. Introduction By Billy Bee Whitums
02. R Luv Songs Gay? [Produced by Tonedeff]
03. Without You [Produced by Subtracktion]
04. The Love Song [Produced by Nujabes]
05. Eclipse [Produced by Nujabes]
06. Hikari [Produced by Nujabes]
07. Let Me Stay [Produced by T-Dot Da Kid]
08. Am I Dreamin’ feat. Nate Vibez [Produced by: Marcus D]**
09. It’s You (I Think) [Produced by Kno]
10. It’s You – Unknown Remix feat. Steph [Produced by The Unknown]
11. Potential feat. JsouL & Eric Roberson [Produced by JsouL]
12. Precious Love feat. Milka [Produced by DJ Deckstream]
13. Up Close & Personal feat. PackFM [Produced by Tonedeff]
14. She Wanna Roll with A Winner feat. Gods’Illa [Produced by Joe.D]
15. Peaches feat. Scavone, Doujah Raze, & Potta [Produced by The Resource]
16. U Can Get It [Produced by Algorythm]
17. Body Language feat. Powerful (of Gods’Illa) [Produced by: Kokayi]**
18. Make Love [Produced by ChewFu]
19. Can We [Produced by ChewFu]
20. The Bidness feat. Naturel & rnb
21. Freq’N‘U w/ Fresh Daily & rnb [Produced by Keeby]
22. The Jacket 3 feat. Steve Wallace [Produced by Studio Steve Wallace]
23. QT (Quality Time) [Produced by Final]
24. I’ll Be Back feat. Sweep [Produced by DJ Deckstream]
25. U Were There feat. JsouL [Produced by: Joe.D]**
26. [BONUS] Ugly Woman feat. Extended Famm [Produced by Kno]