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First CDRadio episode of 2011! Recorded 2011.01.05. Just like the previous two episodes, plenty of electronica, hip-hop, experimental, and jazzy tunes.

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Vodpod videos no longer available.
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Episode two of the new podcast series CDRadio, recorded 2010.12.15. Another blend of hip-hop and electronica sounds. A little more upbeat compared to the first episode (pssssh… hardly lol). Enjoy!

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I’m only half way into this mix right now, but damn was I pleasantly surprised to see Paul White‘s name on it. There’s a Guilty Simpson & J Dilla/Talib remix which are both really dope. I’ll post a tracklist as soon as Stones Throw has one available.

Stones Throw Podcast 62: Adventures with Paul White
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Produced by Paul White

available @

New 12″ from London experimental/hip-hop artist Paul White featuring Stones Throw’s Guilty Simpson.